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The name of the organization shall be The Pennsylvania Association of Developmental Educators (hereinafter referred to as PADE or the association).

The purpose of PADE shall be to provide a forum for instructors, counselors, administrators, learning center staff and other educators who endeavor to enable students to use communication, computational, and problem-solving skills to achieve their educational goals in post-secondary institutions. The association shall promote the sharing of ideas and information, the improvement of instructional strategies, the encouragement of research, and the growth and development of learning support programs at the post-secondary level.

PADE shall be affiliated with the National Association for Developmental Education (hereinafter referred to as NADE) and shall operate in harmony with NADE’S constitution and Bylaws.

Individual membership shall be open to anyone interested in developmental education for the purposes of this association. These individuals do not have to be members of NADE in order to qualify for membership.
Section 1 A member who has remitted the membership fee for the current membership year is considered to be in good standing.

Section 1 Board of Directors.The Board of Directors shall consist of individuals who are employed by or retired from Pennsylvania institutions of higher education and who are in good standing of the association. The Board of Directors shall include five (5) representatives from community colleges; three (3) representatives from four-year public institutions; two representatives from four-year private institutions; three (3) at large positions (recommendation that one (1) be a two-year “other”); four (4) regional chairpersons (one from each of the four designated PADE regions), the President, PresidentElect, Secretary, Treasurer, and the immediate past President of PADE. The Board may also include a non-voting representative appointed by the President for a limited period of time to assist with special projects or circumstances.
Section 1. 1 The Board of Directors shall direct the affairs of the association, interpret the Constitution and Bylaws, and decide all matters of policy not defined in the Constitution and Bylaws.
Section 1.2 Each member of the Board of Directors shall have one (1) vote on all matters which come before the Board of Directors.
Section 2 Elected Officers. The elected officers of PADE shall be a President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer who shall perform the duties of these offices as specified in Article III of the Bylaws.
Section 2.1 Only members of the Board of Directors shall be eligible for the officer positions.
Section 2.2 Officers must hold current membership in NADE.
Section 3 Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall consist of Officers and the Past President. Executive Committee shall carry out the directions of the Board and make necessary interim decisions to execute the business of the association, provided such interim actions do not abrogate the intent of letter of the Constitution or Bylaws of the association.
Section 4 Terms of Office.The officers will serve a term as follows: President, Secretary and Treasurer each serve a term of two year, President-Elect and Past President each serve a term of one year
Section 4.1 If an elected officer resigns from office or from Board membership, that vacancy shall be filled according to the Bylaws.

Section 1 The Board of Directors will meet a minimum of four times per year. Additional meetings may be called by the President or at the request of any three Board members.
Section 2 A general membership meeting will be held at least once each year at the annual conference.

The conference shall be held annually at a time and place designated by the conference planning committee and approved by the Board of Directors. Written notice must be communicated to all members in good standing and to other individuals and groups with an interest in developmental education at least sixty days before the conference is held.

Standing Committees. Upon the recommendation of the President, the Board of Directors shall appoint chairpersons of standing committees.

Section 1.1 The Standing Committees of the association shall consist of the following: Nomination and Election Committee; Membership Committee; Conference Planning Committee; Communications Committee; Political Action/Liaison Committee; Strategic Planning Committee; Constitution/Bylaws & Policy Handbook Committee; Awards Committee; Finance Committee; and other Standing Committees added to the Bylaws of this association by action of the Board of Directors and the membership.
Section 2 Ad Hoc Committees. Upon the recommendation of the President the Board of Directors shall appoint a chairperson of Ad Hoc committees.
Section 2.1 The Board of Directors shall delegate appropriate responsibilities to Ad Hoc committees.

This constitution may be amended by action of the association members or Board of Directors during the annual conference or by mail and/or electronic ballot. In any case, a vote of the simple majority of the ballots cast by members in good standing is needed to pass the amendment. Proposed amendments to be voted upon at the annual conference must be sent to all members at least one month in advance of the conference.

Upon dissolution of the association, such assets as remain shall be distributed for charitable, educational or scientific purposes as described in section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue code or corresponding provision of the Internal Revenue Laws. The Executive Committee shall make final decisions on the distribution of the remaining assets.

Approved 4/95
rev. 4/97
rev. 5/01
rev. 4/2002
rev. 11/05
rev. 03/10
rev. 4/14

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